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...I should point out that I have more than one DW account - my 'public' person account, and this one. Some of you on my flist are on both accounts. Neither account has information as to the identity of the other account. I may reply to comments with one or the other account, or both, without revealing that the 'two of me' is actually one person.

If any of you are not comfortable with this, please let me know and I will drop you from this account. Needless to say, this disclosure will not appear on my other account.
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I am... not well. I feel like shit, but at the same time there's nothing really WRONG with me, other than the migraines. I've never gotten 3 within 10 days before any time in my life, but they're really more of a symptom than anything else.

Also, tooth abscess, but not painful. I suspect it's the root of the problem - it popped up just after the first migraine, but I'm feeling worse as time goes by and with the amoxicillin, the abscess is getting better. I wish I had the $350 to go to my dentist to get it fixed.

Did you know you can buy prescription-grade antibiotics over the counter? Go to a good pet store, head to the fish department, and ask for antibiotics for your fish. They'll sell you a bottle of the same stuff they sell humans in the pharmacy (just be sure you get pills or capsules, not drops or anything else). It's such a small market they don't re-make the pills. I paid $40 for a bottle of 100 pills of 250 mg Amox. Checked it in a pill-finder DB, and they were on the first page.
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Thank you to whoever paid for my DW account!
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There are certain songs I hear on the radio that I like the sound of, but once I listen to the lyrics my eyebrows go up. Honestly, I have to wonder how people can fail to realize what these songs are actually saying. I've decided to pull a pair of songs from the pop charts every so often, and explain why they are so horrible.

So, with no further ado, here is today's "I'm a nightmare boyfriend/girlfriend" songs:

Nightmare Boyfriend
The hand's down winner is All American Rejects "Gives You Hell." The song is sung from the POV of a (at least nominally) famous and successful man who does not hold a traditional '9 to 5'  job. Say, possibly, a rock star from a group that's gotten fairly well know, and even has a song on the Billboard top 10... but maybe not, who knows?

This man needs a lesson in how to LET IT GO, DUDE! Seriously!

Any guy who, years later, is still obsessing and hating over being dumped by a woman because she wanted different things out of life? Dude, you've got problems. Wishing her misery and hoping that her current boyfriend treats her like trash because she wanted a life that wasn't the same as the life you wanted? Guy, show some spine. Suck it up, wish her well, and move on.

Any woman with intelligence and self-respect would dump this guy; staying with him is going to mean obsessive behavior and living with someone who believes that what HE wants is important, and what she wants isn't.

Nightmare Girlfriend
There is some pretty tough competition right now, so I've had to declare a tie between Beyonce's "Halo" and Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Won't Suck Without You."

I hope the boyfriends in these songs have some idea what they're getting into, because getting involved with a woman who makes you her entire life is going to get really sticky really fast.

The girlfriend in "Won't Suck" is thrilled to get the chance to take back the boyfriend who wanted to be with anyone else when they broke up, and now thinks it's going to be hearts and flowers forever. And she's the one who broke up with him, not the other way around. When a guy says he can't stand you but comes back to you? He's after easy sex. Stop being such an idiot, and go see a therapist to work on your issues.

"Halo"'s GF is a little less stupid but a lot more obsessive.

I would like to make this clear, because there seems to be some confusion: one person cannot be everything, or everything someone needs, for another person.

Assuming someone will just means that the person who thinks so be left disappointed, furious,  and feel betrayed when the GF/BF doesn't meet their insane expectations.

Overall ratings: Yuck!, Ick!, and Ugh! for the three songs!
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I'm proud to say that I got today's XKCD with only a little research.


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